Trademarks for Singing River Sculptures and Singing River Symphony :: Thu, December, 1, 2011 :: posted by Administrator

We thought some of you may be interested in what we are doing to guard the good name of the Singing River Sculptures (tm). As the sculptures begin to change the landscape of the Shoals(as noted by No'Ala Magazine), maintaining the integrity of the concept and, in fact, the sculptures themselves, is essential. So with the generous contribution of intellectual property attorney, Sean Collin, who donated his legal services, the Shoals community now has the name and concept protected with a trademark. An associated music heritage project is now in its planning and early development stages. It's the Singing River Symphony The musical eras and influences represented in the Singing River Sculptures (such as Native American, blues, southern gospel, etc.) will also be featured and heard in the several movements of the Singing River Symphony (tm), a folk symphony honoring our music in yet another artistic form. Thanks again to Sean Collin for his generous contribution of legal fees. Sean and his family continue to be great supporters of these Muscle Shoals music heritage projects. A third related music heritage project is also in early stages of development with a nationally-prominent musicologist under contract for some early research, and that's the creation of a live music drama showcasing the music that shook the popular music scene in the '60s and '70s, worldwide. But that's a story for another website at another time, not this one about the sculptures.

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