Mussleman siblings honor parents--Jean Gay and David on 60th anniversary!! :: Tue, January, 3, 2012 :: posted by Administrator

What a fitting tribute for two wonderful citizens of the Shoals! The children of Jean Gay and Dr. David Mussleman have honored their parents on their 60th wedding anniversary with a prominent spot on the donor panel for the Florence sculpture. Jean Gay, a former city councilwoman, and David, one of the visionaries behind the W.C Handy Festival, are two of the Shoals' most accomplished, respected and civic minded citizens. Their children came together in honoring their remarkable parents with a donation of $1,000 and a place in perpetuity--acknowledgement on the plaque for the forthcoming Florence Singing River Sculpture. In talking with Lindsey Mussleman Davis, she thought it was a most appropriate way to celebrate her parents' special 60th wedding anniversary and her siblings obviously agreed. Thanks to the entire family!

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