95% funded for Phase I (The city sculptures) ! :: Sun, August, 12, 2012 :: posted by Administrator

It's long past time for an update. But here it is and it marks an important milestone: We've raised 95% of the funds and financial support needed to complete ALL the four city sculptures. And that 95% represents funds to commission a sculptor and pay his/her design and sculpting fees, for the sculpture material itself (all provided by Wise Alloys), the all the necessary site work, from landscaping to foundation work to lighting and signage. All the site work is being generously contributed by the city's themselves.. They will own and permanently maintain their sculpture. Sheffield, Florence and Muscle Shoals have raised on their funds, and Tuscumbia is not much more than a gnat's hair from completing its goal. If you or your business have a Tuscumbia connection, they certainly will appreciate your thoughtful donation. Just contact Mayor Bill Shoemaker.

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