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Phase II of the Singing River Sculptures project is a sculpture “garden” with a grouping of 7 sculptures, each 25 to 30 feet tall and honoring our legendary music heritage.

    •..........The Garden is the final component and the capstone for the major sculpture project now underway in each of our four major cities of the Shoals. (Sheffield’s 18-ft-sculpture was unveiled in 2012; Muscle Shoals’ sculpture is now being sculpted and funds have been raised for sculptures in Florence and Tuscumbia)[list]•..........The proposed site is the small point of land jutting into the river adjacent to Wilson Dam.[list]•..........This site affords ample space and the topography desirable for viewing and circulating among the sculptures, and for other uses such as music and other cultural events. [list]•..........It is clearly visible from the elevated portion of Wilson Dam, from the Blockhouse end of the dam and from the TVA observation site on the south bank.[list]•..........The sculptures in the Garden will become the property of the City of Florence. This gift to the people of Florence and the Shoals of upwards of $435,000 will represent donations from scores of citizens, businesses and industries. [list]•..........The community volunteers who helped to raise funds for the four city sculptures are committed to completing fund-raising for the Garden. The Tennessee Valley Art Association is a partner in this project along with Wise Alloys, which is providing all the recycled aluminum. [list]•..........Each sculpture will represent one of the various musical influences that formed our musical heritage and gave birth of the world-renowned Muscle Shoals sound.
    •..........The Garden will become the dramatic visual image of our music heritage and an eminently memorable landmark for the State of Alabama.
    •..........The Garden will complement and add to the appeal of any tourism/recreation/cultural installations and other events in the park.
[list]•..........The Veterans’ Park location places the Garden at the center of the Shoals area tourism, adjacent to the Marriott Hotel, Spa and Conference Center and the still developing River Heritage Park.

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