Moving on to Phase II--The Sculpture Garden :: Fri, November, 21, 2014 :: posted by Administrator

You may know that the Singing River Sculpture (tm) project has 2 phases, believe it or not, called Phase I and Phase II. Phase I is an 18 ft sculpture in each of our four largest cities. We now have two of them gracing the centers of Sheffield and Florence. The other two cities have raised the commissioning fees for their sculptures. There are really no hold ups there; but it is up to the cities to move forward.We are now using this website primarily to tell you about Phase II, a civic art project that is just short of mind-boggling. In the near future, with the help of the entire Shoals community, we will have 7 monumentally-scaled sculptures arranged as a musical group and sited at water's edge in Veterans Park. These sculptures will arguably be the finest collection of high quality civic art in the entire South. However from time to time we will update you on the progress Florence and Tuscumbia are making toward their 18-ft tall sculptures.See below for more stories about our Singing River Sculpture Garden. Stay tuned!

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