What will the sculpture garden look like? :: Fri, November, 21, 2014 :: posted by Administrator

Let's take a brief walk, starting a few hundred yards from the point down on the waterfront in Veterans Park. On about 1.5 acres of the 83 acre city-managed park, 7 truly dramatic sculpture will rise from the ground to about 25 or 30 feet in the air. Immediately behind them is Wilson Lake/Tennessee River. They will appear as 7 musicians of a Muscle Shoals inspired musical group in a performance pose. Looking at them, you can almost see and here them play. Bear in mind that 25 feet is really tall! The Sheffield sculpture is about 18 feet on top of a 3 foot foundation. But before you get to the group of sculptures down at water's edge, you will come to a pleasant walkway bordered by sizable historical markers and donor plaques. The hundreds of donors who invested in this community effort will be honored. But there is also a story to be told. Visitors to the garden, many from around the world, will read brief stories about our musical history. QR codes embedded in some of the historic panels will let you view short videos, hear personal stories from some of the actual musicians, and see historic photos. We almost guarantee you will never have out of town visitors that you do not take to the garden site and watch their expressions of awe. We want you to be a part of this community wide project. Check the donor information section of this website.

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