How realistic is the Sculpture Garden project? :: Fri, November, 21, 2014 :: posted by Administrator

It might seem a pipe dream. But do you know that almost 20% of the funds needed to commission the 7 sculptures is already in the bank? We've budgeted $50,000 as the commissioning fee for each of the 7 sculptures. That's just $350,000. I say, "just" advisably. There are numerous community non-profit projects underway in the Shoals with much, much higher fund-raising goals. And here's one important consideration--this is a one-time fund-raising effort. When the sculpture garden sculptures and some minor associated costs are paid for, the fund-raising is over. Over. If we talk with you about supporting the garden financially, we won't need to go back to you again and again. And please remember: The sculptures will rise in the air above the Shoals forever! And that's a long, long time. Please help any way you can.

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